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1)one who drives a truck

2)the coolest people in the world
truckers rock. see cluck U chicken.
by futuretrucker January 24, 2005
I was born in Maryland, live there, and have lived there all my life; I don't like crabs or seafood. How fucking ironic is that???

Yeah i agree with you all. Baltimore IS one big ghetto.

Oh, by the way, our state motto is not "free state" that's one of our nicknames. Our motto is "manly deeds, womanly words" or "strong actions, gentle words". seriously. I'm not kidding, look it up.
Maryland: the finest state around when it comes to crabs, seafood, sailing and lots of other stuff.
by futuretrucker January 23, 2005
1)Literally, the best buffalo wings in the world, fast and easily accessible

2)A Maryland and New Jersey, but mostly Maryland, based fast food restaurant that specializes in buffalo wings but also serves many different kinds of chicken (fried chicken, BBQ chicken, chicken sandwiches, etc.)

3)If you have never been to cluck U you are living an unfulfilled life.

We Marylanders want to share the wealth of superb buffalo wings with the rest of the world! Any true wing lover MUST stop by Cluck U.
1)dude! I just had some of the best buffalo wings in the world from Cluck U!

2)Lets go down to Cluck U and gorge ourselves on delicious chicken wings!

3)Hey we live in Wyoming and we've never been to Cluck U because it doesn't exist here, let's go to Maryland and get some Cluck U!
by futuretrucker January 23, 2005

please see fo, fo mo info.
what's his phone number? fo-fo-fi-fo-fo-fi-fo (445-4454)
by futuretrucker January 24, 2005
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