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The amazingly sweet drummer of the pop/punk band All Time Low. A lot of people have problems reconizing who he is.
Girl 1: Who's that guy?
Girl 2: Rian Dawson from All Time Low idiot!
by Jtotheackie November 03, 2007
Maryland is a small state in the I-95 corridor. A lot of people are real chill here, except when they go crazy and kill people. We got a lot of good music hear. For example All Time Low. That band is amazing. Basically to survive in maryland all you have to do is eat crabs. Everything is basically in (or close to) Maryland. Hit us up sometime well chill on Thames Street in B-more sometime.

Oh and btw the person who was dissing harford county might want to spell HARFORD right. Plus it's nice up here why are you dissing us?
Girl: Omg lyke ATL is the sweetest band eva!
Boy from Maryland: Um i went to school with those guys.
by Jtotheackie November 03, 2007

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