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I live in Maryland. It's the best state. I don't care what anybody says, it's a Southern state! We have Southern chains like Waffle House and Hardee's and Family Dollar. Some people in Maryland also talk like Southerners.

Maryland's largest city is Baltimore. Its capital city is Annapolis. It has a population of about 5,633,000. It is almost divided in two by the Chesapeake Bay, which stops around Havre de Grace. This waterway is the dividing line from the western and eastern shores. Some people say the Susquehanna River is the unofficial northern part of this line.

Maryland is known for crabs. People make them every year. They also have Old Bay seasoning. Ocean City is a popular beach on the Atlantic coast. The Eastern Shoe is very different from other part of the state. Central Maryland has the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. It includes Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George's counties, which are just big collections of suburbs. Out west is the Appalachian Mountains.

Maryland has the Baltimore Ravens (who I don't really care for) and the Baltimore Orioles. The Washington Redskins, my favorite team, plays in Landover.

Maryland is a very diverse state. I live in Harford County, which is diverse itself. It's a mixture of farms and suburbs.
Maryland is the best! I like their crabs and all the places they have to offer.
by johnson4 December 23, 2009

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