Where girls go to get more candy bars.
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. But girls, on the other hand, go to Mars.
by marz.twin November 18, 2008
The fourth planet in our solar system. Red, and named after the Greek god of war.
I went to mars!! Hip hip horay!!
by Joe September 25, 2004
The planet from which total bitchin' rockstars emerge.
Dude: I'm a total bitchin' rockstar.
Chick: You must be from Mars.
by king bubsgonzola supreme June 15, 2012
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
a nickname of marissa. she is so cool....
Mars is so chill. Everyone loves her. Mars loves that blueberry yum yum.
by shaniquaG January 22, 2005
Where aliens live.
The attacked from Mars.
by Kikaider June 27, 2003
Mar means to be very bright and inteligent.
John Discribed his brunette girlfriend as a mar
by Ashlee Shrimpson March 24, 2005

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