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1. The fourth outermost planet of the Terran-Solar-System. Mars is nicknamed the "Red Planet"; It's red color is the result of great amount of iron oxide FeO2 (rust) in the planet's soil. Mars is a cold, dusty, dry place. Water exist only in frozen caps at the poles. Simple life may have once lived there when it was warmer and wetter. Mars has a very thin atmoshphere which does not protect it well from radiation or meteors. Mars is named after the Roman go of war (the Greek god was Ares)

2. Chocolate company that makes M&Ms.

3. The assumed location of a student who is "spacing out" or daydreaming in school.
1. An international manned mission to mars is expected between 2030 and 2050. The U.S. currently has two robotic rovers Spirit & Opportunity exploring the surface, searching for clues to the planet's past.

2. Mars makes great candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hands.

3. Dialogue Example -
Teacher: Ted. Ted? Ted?!
Ted: *looks dazed* Huh?
Teacher: The class is on problem 23. Where were you? Mars?
by Yobastank October 21, 2004
Slang for someone who resorts to persoanl attacks that are unrelated to the topic at hand when his or her side is losing at something.

Not necessarily related to politics.
SCOREBOARD- Trojans 8 : Spurmz 1

BOB: That was a great basketball game, we won! Now pay up.
TED: No you didn't!
BOB: Your team needs to work on it's defence.
TED: You cheated! The referree was an alumni of your school! All the fans in the crowd were for the Trojans too! If there was Spurm support we would have won! You lost bitch! This whole confrence is pro-tro!!! LOSER.
BOB: Yeah, well the scoreboard says differntly.
TED: FUCKING CRYBABY! Why don't you go cry about some more to your momma?!
BOB: Huh? Don't be such a republican, Ted.
by Yobastank November 22, 2005
In Dallas Texas, a place to advertise strip joints and Hooters. If you have been to this city, you know what I mean.
The majority of billboards in Dalls TX feature half-nakewd women. I guess texans are more fond of chixplotation than other states. Picture coming soon.
by yobastank October 26, 2004
Cool racing game that is on many systems but reached it's peak on the old SNES.
F0 is fun as hell! You really get into it when your body starts jerking around as if you were in the car....the music rocks like in Mute City

doo doo doo, dooo, doo doo, doo doo doo do, doo doo, do NAa na na na! nahhh do doo beep! la. La. La. La, la la la. La la lalalalala laaaaaa
by yobastank July 31, 2005
As a verb, to blow a ginormus load of cum. Named after the movie in which such an ejaculation was first portrayed. To completely and utterly bust your nuts.

Last night Liz gave me head for the first time. I scary movied all over her face and the floor.
My gf and I the first time we had sex-

gf: oh yeah, you like that baby
me: Yeah. Omg don't stop, don't- uh. oooh OOOOOOOOOOOOOH CraAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!
*eyes roll back into head and cumz so hard that he loses 30 pounds and blast her through the roof into space.
Astronaut: Commander did you just seethat?!
by Yobastank August 11, 2004
Seattle Calculus Class. Slang term for a gangbang consisting of one black or white Jimmi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain look a like being serviced by three or more young geeky asian fan girls. One if not all of the orgy members must be tripping on acid or crack.
Last year when I visited San Fransico and played in Tom's band I got a lot of Seattle Calc Classes.
by Yobastank January 31, 2005
1. One who engages in sexual intercourse; one who bolmphs.

2. Someone (usually male, although a clitorus can bolmph too) who frequently gets erections and masturbates.
Dude: Man, I bolmphed Lisa last night.
Guy: Dude, no way! She is so hot! Way to go you little bolmpher you!

Billy is a bolmpher because everytime he sees Ms. Patterson's wide mature ass he bolmphs in his pants.

Liz loves to watch The O.C. and bolmph her pussy to the hot guys. She is a chick-bolmpher.
by Yobastank September 18, 2004

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