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A good smooth cigarette that has a nice taste that will keep you lighting up just a few hours after the first one, It's a nice tasting minty cigarette made by the Philip Morris USA Company, Marlboro has been around for MANY years it has been the smoking choice amung many teenagers such as myself. Marlboro Menthol has two gold rings slightly in the middle of the top of the butt to let you know when the hell to stop and flick =, smoking may be unhealthy but you know what, we're all guna die sooner or later, and even non-smokers, there are a LOT of people who have cancer or diseases who DONT smoke, so there ya go, light up and have fun kickin it and go behind the school building and light up your Marlboro Menthols or Marlboro or whatever cigarette you may have and sit down and KICK IT marl-BROS! Who gives a Flyin FUCK about what or who you smoke with, smoke it up Marlboro Men and WIN =
Matt: *Goes around a corner and lights up a Marlboro Menthol*

James: *smokes a camel and chills*

Hailon: Mmm, lets all just kick it G's :D

*We all kick it smokin our cigarettes of choice livin it up*
by White Menthol Man =] May 17, 2008
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A high-quality, full-flavor menthol cigarette made by the Altria/Philip Morris Tobacco Conglomerate. Known for having more intense menthol than Newports or other popular brands, Marlboro Menthols combine the smooth flavor and relaxing buzz of Marlboro reds with a pleasant cooling sensation that takes the edge off of the harsh tobacco. People tend to either swear by Marlboro Menthols or completely despise them, mostly due to their distinctive mint flavor.
Frankie: I love me some Newport 100s man, straight up menthol all the way!

Mick: Newports suck, I need me some hardcore mint flavor. I will get some marlboro menthol 100s.

Rick: You are both sick fucks. Menthols smell like Vicks Vaporub and death. Just because it tastes like toothpaste, it does nothing for your nicotine-stained teeth.
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