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skitsofrenic. someone who is truly crazy!! THIS IS THE r e a l d e f f e n i t i o n!! someone whose a skittle might qualify for the following things:
(most if not all are necessary to be a skitsofrenic, not just one)

sits in weird positions
laughs randomly for a long time
makes up werid words (like skittle)
gets angry for no reason
has multiple personalities
takes naps
gets depressed
gets very very hyper
makes weird noises
sings (not necessarily well) for no reason
damn, that skittle is so fuckin annoying that she might actually be cool. she needs to stop sitting with her legs behind her head and humming though...
by zoloft43 August 05, 2004
cigarettes smoked by girly girls. their boyfriends will say that they only bum a marlboro menthol light when they are out of newports or parliaments but we alll know that their too pussy to smoke a newport 100s...

these cigarettes also suck becasue their white on both ends and when your really drunk you light the filter on accident.
hey baby, you got a marlboro menthol light? im all out.
by zoloft43 August 05, 2004

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