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A very popular brand of clove cigarettes, these have a very sweet aroma, And a good taste, the filters leave a sweet taste on your lips also, they're simply the best.
"These Djarums smell so good I think my nuts are going to fall off"
by Elixir March 29, 2005
Smooth flavor, better than Marlboros, less harsh, has a nice mellow flavor, definitely one of my favorite cigarettes
Fucking 7-11 Doesn't sell Camel Turkish Golds! Fuckers!
by Elixir March 02, 2005
German for "Shit"..............
Es Schmeckt Wie Scheisse! Luder!
by Elixir March 02, 2005
Disgusting cigarette, very minty and light, along with anything menthol except cloves.
"These Marlboro Menthol Lights taste like I stuck a candy cane up your moms ass and licked it"
by Elixir March 29, 2005
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