Easy piece
Calling somone this is saying they are easy to fuck
Tara is a mark ass ho.
by Shane and Alberto November 07, 2007
Top Definition
n. a soft, non tough person.
That guy jumped me with his Mark Ass.
by mark ass July 27, 2009
(adj) Very pathetic, characteristic of a "mark", or one who is easily owned or taken down. A synonym of weak sauce.
"Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia some mark-ass bitches..." -2pac, "Hit 'em up"

(beirut game)
Adam: "Game over, motherfuckers!"
(squirrelly shot falls 2 feet short)
Nick: "What a mark-ass shot!"
Simon: "Weak sauce!"
Paul: "Alligator arm!"
(Adam runs away crying)
by Nick D February 17, 2005
The nickname given to mark hoppus of blink 182 by guitarist tom delonge
Tom delonge: ur such a fag markass
by marcus williams June 21, 2007
the source of all gayness or gayest of them all
Hey Markass
by Nick Foster March 10, 2004
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