A person who went hunting for the first time with his homie G Shad. When suddenly a flock of storks came by and landed about 700 meters away in some pine trees. And then ,an accidental reenactment of COD (the game). Shad: "Take the gun! I got the kid!" Mark: "Aight! Let's go!!!" Then they ran towards the storks while mark carried Shad's Beretta Unico Xplor A400 and Shad carried the kid(his 6 year old brother). Mark is also someone who thinks taking a picture of him pretending to shoot birds, is like taking a picture of him shooting people. Also, he is someone who asks obvious questions where he knows the answer. Example: "This is the trigger. Right?"
Example: Dude, you're acting like a Mark.
by ireeeeene July 08, 2011
A total Jew... Very little in the pants.. Makes love to boys named Luke.
I just got Marked.
by anduknowit December 17, 2013
The creepiest creep of all creeps he uses big words to confuse you but deep down he is saying "i want to molest you and your first born child"
ew i met this Mark today

gross protect the children!

Drop that child,you dont want to be a mark!
by Facebook_book April 13, 2012
19 year old nursing student who cannot decide between 2 different girls, goes to georgebrowncollege and has a microscopic jumbo D.
mark cant control his hormones
by screamingpanther January 16, 2013
A liar and a cheater. He will manipulate you and he will stab you in the back. He is not to be trusted.
-Mark is evil.
-True that.
by cutiepiewatermelonface December 30, 2011
hairy 40 year old cod virgin who can't get any moot
Mark: i want hairy moot
by DylanHoward2 June 14, 2013
A jackass who thinks he's all that. I know a Mark and let me tell you I wish I never knew him. Mark's tend to know everything and like to make others feel dumb.
Your such a Mark.
by justspice March 24, 2013

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