A bunch of pussy lowlife that got picked on by everyone prior to joining the military and now think they can kick anyones ass just becuase they went through 3 months of boot camp. In all reality marines are some of the biggest low life scum of the earth. They will screw your wife, steal your goods and then talk about how awesome they are. They are no better than the Army, Navy, or Air Force. They are just a bunch of pussies on a power trip. I know this because I did my time and saw how they really are.
Aren't marines and army the same thing?
by NJPNJPNJP December 20, 2010
beteer than the army
damn all of them died... must not b marines then
by joasdhfhihfqaefjiohjiohhnwjiha February 29, 2008
Dumbasses that think they are better then the Army.
Even when the Army saves their asses every singletime they get into combat.
Marine1:oh shit all my squad is dead cause they are dumbass fuckin marines
Marine2:wait theres hope some army guys are over there
Marine1&2:oh please help us we are marines
Army Ranger1:not with this shit again

Army Ranger2:fuckin dumbass marines
Army Fireteam Leader:you help these marines now soldiers
an hour later
Army Ranger1&2:okay you marines are safe AGAIN we eliminated all 1,000 insurgents for you now you can go and take credit for our work so you can feel better okay.
later at marine base camp
Marine1&2:oohra we fuckin took out all those motherfuckin insurgents YEAH!!!!.
by Army for the win September 06, 2010
A group of goverment employees that bum rides on navy ships and ocasionally get off at asian/western european ports to bang hot whores.
When I was in the Marines I went to Thailand.
by Jimmy Wood January 24, 2007
A person who joined the Marine Corps.. a department of the navy... so they could run around saying there the best and everyone will think there right..

A problem with this is that there not the first to fight neither are they the best. This is an example of branding, hollywood movies and media made there reputation what it is not facts and history..

People who want to fight for there country but watch footage of themselves on the news being called marines even though there in the army join the army because its about loyalty and dedication.

To prove the army is a more elite force heres a break down.

listed by the level of training needed and the level of most deadly.

Marines (infantry) Army (Infantry) Navy (marines)

Marines (force recon) Army (Rangers) Navy (nothing)

Marines (nothing) Army (Spec forces) Navy (Seals)

Marines(nothing) Army (Delta Force) Navy (nothing)

As for whos first to fight read some history books. Yes there were missions marines arrived at first but the army was somewhere else fighting at the time.

Spec forces are in before anybody else is as is the CIA. A marine grunt isnt there before the army is.
Marine's aren't the first to fight, special forces are always in a country before the ground forces get there.
by Army 11 Bravo June 17, 2011
stands for
M uscles
A re
R equired
I nteligence
N essary
E quiipment
Army can't do shit right, fuck, send in the real men, the marines
by chris January 27, 2005
My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment.
What a person in the Navy would say Marine stands for.
by squatinator1976 May 30, 2008

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