A branch of the military, without whom you wouldn't be able to talk shit about them, so we all need them. Kick ass guys, and I'll be over there to kick some soon. Oooooorah.
A Marine can kick any SEAL's ass, and don't even get me started on the fucking Army.
by Tyler Mace February 22, 2005
Where you get fucked by the green weenie.
"Are you going to Bills wedding?"
Nah I'm in the Marines.
by Gggggggyyyyyy February 19, 2015
MARINES: "Monkeys Are Ready If No-one Else Signs". Background: This was my response (quick thinking) After a Marine asked me (Army Green Beret) If I knew what ARMY stood for? I stated no and he replied: "Aint Ready for Marines Yet" This was only traditional jerking of each others chain, merely ragging on the others Branch of Military; in the end we all have a great deal of respect for all Branches of the Military and more importantly the choice to defend our Great Nation.
Hey Soldier do you know what Marines stand for? Yes Sir, Monkeys Are Ready If No-one Else Signs!
by Calvin Diggs December 01, 2007
A Person trained for 13 weeks to be better than anyone believed they could. A Person with the Courage, Honor, and Commitment of 10 people. A Person who is Always Faithful to thier country. A person trained with the jobs of 4 average soilders. A Person willing to give thier life for liberty. A Person who can salute the American flag after haveing both legs blown off for it. But most important a person able to kill anyone and anything who stands against them. A Person who no longer can be called a person but rather a Leather-Neck, a TWC (Terrorist Welcomeing Commitee), or Devil-Dog.
Army:"One Marine just took out 27 insurgents by himself after loseing both legs and 3 fingers!"
Navy:"Your pretty cute for someone who spends so much time on land ;)"
AirForce:"Anybody wanna ride outta here?"
by Unorganized Shit Mass Confusion October 11, 2007
This is urban dictionary...so a more appropriate definition is in order. There are 2 types of Marines: There are the badass ones who do their job as it is expected of them, know this, and that is all. Then there appear to be Marines who act tough, when they really appear to be compensating for a lot of insecurity issues and are generally confused people. There is a place in society for these people and apparently it is the Marine Corps, or the Army...it really depends which recruiter you decided to believe. These joker types are Marines by title, but still will always be posers. These people are annoying to drink with as they always over-exaggerate every situation because their mothers didnt show them enough attention. Watch "Born on the 4th of July" and take in the confusion in that movie. Tom Cruise became paralyzed because of insecurities with losing a wrestling match to impress a girl. Similar scenarios appear to happen pretty often with confused young men being used by older wrinkly men...and lately women as well.
Young man: Im 18 and want to do big things, so I figure shooting strangers halfway around the world is how I will do it...oh yea...I can sign up for the Marines and do that.

Young man's friend: Um, well im going to college dude...bye.
by dubzzzz February 23, 2011
A girl besides which all other girls look ugly.
"Jesus, that girl is such a Marine, I can't stop staring at her perfection''
by badinator January 20, 2011
A person who thinks that they are better than every one else, even though they are not.
Marine: Im so tough, you Army, Navy and Air Force guys are babies!

Sailor: You do realize that we provide your medics, right?

Army: And that we provide a lot of your equipment, right?

Air Force: And that we assist your air wing, right?

Marine: So what, you guys are still pussies!

Army: Yup, he's a Marine.
by Hooahguy July 03, 2011

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