A branch of the military that likes to stand in a long line and spin rifles in various random locations.

Next to the ocean, on the Las Vegas strip, in front of government buildings, in front of dilapidated hardware stores, in the middle of the street, next to monuments, on farms, on mountains, on the Hoover Dam...

It doesn't matter! They'll spin their rifles anywhere they damn please! That's how badass they are.
Seriously, have you seen the marines commercial at the movie theater? It's hilarious!
by QJ Whitewood May 24, 2010
a girl named Marine can be the best of friend, and can be your worse enemy. she is mysterious which will bring you in wondering who she really is. she has an addictive nature but is kind hearted underneath her violent outside. she is an angry person who you should not mess with but also one of the most gentle people if aproached in the right way, she is very sexualy aware and spontaneuos. You either love her, or hate her.
Marine woman
by les mots secret July 26, 2010
Best branch of the military. This is the REAL elite group, so don't bother with the others. Most extensive training, and smartest.
Semper Fidelis.
"Marine: Mess with the best, die like the rest. Ooh-Rah!"
by Darkonx February 25, 2010
The Navy's equivalent of infantry, Marines specializes in amphibious warfare, rapid deployment and small squad tactics. In the United States Marines are noted for their intensive training, markmanship with the rilfe and undying fighting spirit. Under the mantra " Every Marine is a rifleman" all marines are held to the same combat standards regardless of specialization. From cooks to pilots every Marine is a highly trained infantryman capable of fighting in any environment, at any moment. This fact is proven time and time again when Marines defeat much larger and better equipped enemy forces. No other branch has achieved such feats, especially not the Army, who chose to hate on Marines rather than win battles. Maybe if all the soldiers who talk shit about Marines actually trained, rather than run their stupid mouth, they could win without the help of you know who. Then again if they were not shit talkers they would not be Army. Marines do, Army talks.
The Marine sniper achieved his objectives, allowing the 101st to take the city.

The Marine broke the arm of the soldier using his MCMAP training.
by Sturm gewehr May 30, 2010
They're ninjas. Professionals – world’s elite warriors. The finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. There r very few of them. They do more w/ less. They no that a true warrior fights not b/c he h8s wat is in front of him, but b/c he loves wat is behind him. That’s y Marines r first 2 fight by land, air, & sea & last 2 leave. They are trained much harder and longer than the U.S Army, AF, Navy, and Coast Guard b/c their job is 2 go above and beyond a regular warrior. They r more disciplined and no better than giving up. On a mission 2 rescue a hostage, a Marine busted door down. The result? 12 hostiles, 12 headshots, 3 seconds. A Marine is a person who didn't just want 2 settle 4 having a job, but 2 live a life of honor, and not of privilege.
The Marines go in & take over land & then move on; the army comes in to occupy the area and clear up the already dead bodies that the Marines have killed. Marines r experts in the application of violence. They have no fear. They are fear itself. They are well educated ppl who scored well on the ASVAB or would have settled for the Army. Most of them have some sort of college degree. Unlike the Army, the USMC doesn’t take any high school drop outs.
Marines r born from loyalty, love of neighbor & country & a desire 2 protect & safeguard. Their actions r precise, principled, determined and committed 2 act selflessly 4 the benefit 4 others. Always faithful. There is no better friend, no worse enemy than a U.S Marine.
Air Force: Hi, I'm Air Force and I don't do shit. I'm scared of wars. I'm going to go back to my hotel and get pampered some more. You can call me Chair Force if you want because all I do is sit in my office and get fatter.
Navy: Hi Air Force, I'm Navy and I like blow jobs. I like seamen, especially on my face and in my asshole.
Army: Oh, that's cool. I like to sleep and make the Marines do all the work. Marines are so cool. I wish I was one of them but I'm army strong. Marines are way stronger than pussy ass army strong.
by 1039LOL1039 April 27, 2011
my boyfriend is a marine so all then duch bags talkin smack are pothetic you dont know what they go thru. once a marine always a marine.. the few the proud.. at least the maries dont have to bribe people to join.. also the army thats pothetic too they have yelling card which is if the drill insructor yells at the too much they can hold up a card for them to stop.. the mairnes dont have that they dont need it.. so people running their mouth.. you dont stand behind our tropps feel free to stand in frount of them!!
the few the proud the marines Oo-Rah
by A Marine's Girl October 09, 2007
A Armenian girl with light eyes and light brown hair and ivory skin. A person with a lot of passion, a great sense of humor, very emotional and who is still trying to figure out who she is and where her life is taking her. Has no real balance in her life. She is always on one end of the scale, never in between. Wears her heart on her sleeve and gets hurt very often. Does not like when she is called Ma- rine. Instead likes to be called Ma'- Ree'-Ney'. Always has issues with her weight. She loves her family and her friends
Marine is beautiful but does not know it.
by eniram February 05, 2010

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