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The juice that lingers under the skin around your balls a long time after having sex with a girl. It usually goes away after showering, but re-surfaces when you sweat can sometimes seem to last for like 2 weeks! For long-lasting effects, fall asleep inside the girl...
"damn Gina, i got marination all over my sac" And it won't go away....
by s simonis December 09, 2004
18 6
Any concoction used to season food.
What a great smelling marination on the steak!
by Cinbad May 02, 2009
5 7
the act of marinatin. the state of sauteing.
whas crackin ma nig? just marinatin in my own juices cuzzle
by mastermarinator October 09, 2003
4 7
to get pwned or raped

if you are against a "noob" you refer to them as pork, because they are easy to kill, or make fun of or in other words marinate. If they are really good they can be a rack of ribs, a steak, or a filgion minion.
man i just killed your whole team, total marination
by Greg Doyle June 11, 2008
2 8