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Verb. To steal emails from a large distribution list and use them to annoy other people.
As used in a sentence

I marceled that girls email thinking she wanted to be forwarded all my lame jokes.

I am going to marcel your email address to let you know when cokes are on sale at the grocery store, 2 six packs for $5.
by Freddie Mac March 18, 2008
to look after number one. always looking for whats in it for themselves. behaves in a manner that precludes the needs of others where there is nothing in it for themselves.
he marcelled me. He took the good stuff for himself and left us with the rubbish. He only helped out so he could get something for himself.
by RACIGoat September 20, 2009
A further generalization of the first definition noted on this page;used to connotate any and all members of the marsupial family, it is used as slang for all canopy-dwelling monkeys
Look at that marcel in the tree
by Smag March 07, 2007
a tall or giant size woman that kinda resembles bigfoot. In addition has a strange odor that smells like an old dirty sock or soiled blanket..
Holy shit!!! Did you see that woman. Looked like a marcel
by Dave Haus July 26, 2009
Used to describe a person who snubs you and or gives you the evil eye.
I was marceled in the mall by the husband of my boss.


I was marceled by a co worker for months because I knew she was having an extra marital affair with another co worker.
by stephen William schwartz May 04, 2007
marcel - a greaser who wears multiple layers of clothing at inappropriate times. The clothing is typically grungy, gnarly or unkempt; and may smell like garlic or Grandpa. Fascinated by feces, he may claim that his poopoo is 'spiral shaped'. He is often mistaken for one of the Village People or a Transylvanian.
hey, you can't wear two pairs of longjohns! that's marcelling!
by michiganmoto September 07, 2007
to be dirty or grungy. Generally very unkempt and have bad body odour. A marcel will usually wear the same clothes for days at a tie, even though one would have a change of clothes and a chance to bathe
you are so marcel man. Tzke a shower and change your clothes
by Ruf Buck November 26, 2006