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Being who you are, listening to yourself and making your own decisions, rather than buying all the crap society foists on you. Keep it real. (authentic)
Authenticity became his primary value. My dog lives for authenticy.
by DJrumination January 16, 2007
Sartre says "hell is other people" what he neglected to notice is that the lowest level of hell is working for other people.
Hell is working for a wanker
by DJrumination January 17, 2007
A woman who lives by have several men on the go at the same time who don't know of each others existence but pay for various aspects of her living. One pays for her flat, one pays her expenses, one pays her university etc.
Usually shes semi attractive but a real bitch on the inside. You will find them usually near Holland park or South Kensington. They tend to dress expensively and have no real talent other then manipulation, greed and fucking other people up.
Did you see that Priymak, what a total whore, if that bitch mother fucker comes round here I'll give her what for.
by DJrumination May 11, 2008
A person who has experienced too much of the world to remain silent. A slightly jaded, balding, man who won't go easily. A person who believes in the concept of honour and lives in a world that doesn't.
Did you see that mutha, jees. He reminds me of DJrumination back in the day. Ain't nobody messed with him.
by DJrumination May 11, 2008
Anotherway of saying Epic when wasted.
Wow thats epicosious, look at those colours.
by DJrumination May 14, 2008
When something is both disconcerting and condescending.
Don't be so disconsending blood.
by DJrumination May 14, 2008
Once again an amalgam of condescending and disconcerting. See also Disconscending.
Hey man whats with all the condecerting behaviour.
by DJrumination May 14, 2008
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