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Man pantry. A secluded storage space in which a man stores such manly foods as protein bars, beef jerky, and oatmeal.
Do you want some Jack Links? I've got a few bags in the Mantry.
by thatotherguywiththeface May 16, 2010
When your husband/teenage son/full grown male coworker of legal age fixes/cleans/completes something after which the condition of said thing needing fixed/cleaned/completed looks relatively the same as before they "took care of it". That's mantrying.
Wife: Honey, I thought you were going to fold the clothes while I was away this week . . . . (stares at pile of garments)

Husband: (remote in hand) I did (smiles proudly)

Wife: (sighs audibly) Oh. It was a mantry. Thank you.
by AKMama525 February 10, 2010

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