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To explain a story using only facts in the fewest words possible.
Person 1: Who is Lebron James?
Person 2: Too mansplain it. He is a beast.
by Boomer15 July 10, 2016
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1) Telling a feminazi that she is wrong (doesn't matter how right you are or how many facts you present). They will then say you are sexist and that you are "mansplaining"
2) The concept that men will talk down to women just for being women (total bullshit in most cases).
Example 1:

Feminazi 1 - "Oh my god, Bob tried to tell me that some men are good people."
Feminazi 2 - "He was mansplaining. All men are pigs, remember that"

Example 2:
Unsure person - "Do men mansplain a lot? I've heard it before but I'm not certain if it's true or not."
Reasonable person - "No, almost no men mansplain. Most cases, the woman is unable to accept that she is wrong so just says she is mansplaining. Sometimes, the man is just a prick. He's not sexist, he's just not a nice person.
by The Basket Case October 28, 2016
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A sexist slur created by feminists to invalidate someone's opinion based on their gender.
Man: I don't think adding my gender as a negative prefix to a word would do much to achieve gender equality

by LLovett December 22, 2016
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A form of character assassination, generally (but not always) used by women toward men, in circumstances where there is no other logical response to a given statement in an argument, except to concede the loss of said argument.
"Because he Mansplained Austrian Economics to me, his entire argument is invalid regardless of the merits of his statements"
by machlin June 04, 2016
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A derisive and condescending term insultingly used by women when referring to a man that they are in a conversation with. The man's point is derided not because his reasoning is faulty or his evidence is unreliable; his point is derided simply on the basis of his gender.
"Thanks for showing me the screengrab that proves the video is fake. I was not sharing it because I believed the video; I was sharing it because I thought it was funny. You do not need to mansplain the facts of it to me. I don't care."
by RizzoDaily August 30, 2015
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A childish term used by feminists when they don't have a valid response to an argument. The adult equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying "lalala"
Rational person: if anyone is oppressing someone, it's you for trying to silence anybody with a different opinion.
3rd wave feminist: wow nice mansplaining you misogynistic pig.

Rational person: maybe you should seek psychiatric help for your aversion to the reality that exsists in front of you.
by Snippywickett May 13, 2016
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(of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing:

Most believe this to be only a term used by feminists when they don't have a reply, however it is a term actually meant to explain with someone is patronizing or belittling your intelligence due to your gender.
We were talking about politics when he starting mansplaining things to me like I was in kindergarten, as if my gender means I have a lower iq
via giphy
by oddkam April 23, 2017
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