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1: To improve a minimal amount.
2: To effect something as little as possible.
1) Quailman's attempts at play guitar are minorly improving.
2) Silver Skeeter moved the world so minorly that only the eskimo's realized it was warmer.
by Bryan Barletta September 13, 2005
refer to the word minor.
i really think it should go in the dictionary!
The population decreased "minorly".
Jordana "minorly" helped out with the painting.
by BIG.MAC August 28, 2007
Adjective: Slightly
Other details: Antonym of majorly.
Man 1: Well that was minorly disturbing.
Man 2. Definitely, I'll never go to a Lady Gaga concert again!
by MicahMischief February 13, 2012
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