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Man anger. A level of anger so intense it can only be reached by the male sex. Interestingly enough, manger is often caused by the female sex.
After Jan tried to force him to watch The View, Jeff was so mangry that he punched a hole in the wall.

Eric's manger problem was unable to be remedied by attending regular anger management classes.
by bunthole April 06, 2011
1. When a man is angry he has manger. 2. When a woman is angry with a man for doing a stereotypical male thing, she has manger towards him.
1. Scott lives his life through a seething, stifling cloud of manger. 2. Courtney has manger towards Scott because he spent all their money at the strip club.
by Scott Kane/Courtney Hunter May 24, 2006
Ugly woman, spoken in some parts of Wales
Look at that fat manger
Adrienna is a manger
by Pentre July 29, 2003
hot sexy kid who likes to jack off to cartoons
oh man, that kid is such a manger!
by briannnnaiiissscooool May 16, 2008
gay, flamer
Hey, that gay guy over there is a huge manger.
by Gotchi April 21, 2004

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