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The BEST place in AUCKLAND besides APIA WAY..shopping in mangere has low prices and budget quality its known as 'MANGERE TOWN CENTER' in addition to its unique convinience..there is a sewage down my FUCKING street and i can smell everyones ass..its good for a need to shit
bro; eh bro 275 MANGERE REPRESENT
sole; yei yei MANGERE how we do nigga
by shush` April 16, 2005
polynesian meaning for: DA WHITE MAN
bro; fucka a palagi !
by shush` April 23, 2005
fat hamo guys that can rap..reppin it for da hamos out there yei yei !
bro; booyas album is off da hook !! cheee hooooo my nizzle
sole; yei yei
by shush` April 16, 2005
J.I is an abbreviation term; Join In,its another word for blender. J.I is like trying to hard to fit in to the crew..but really you dont..New Zealanders use in soufcyde mangere 275..
sole; bro look at that dude what a J.I`s cunt.
uso; i know aye bro, BLENDA
by shush` April 13, 2005
tongan language meaning: sweet like lolly towards polynesian woman or palagis (not)
bro; dang that bitch is foilole i wouldnt mind fucking her
by shush` April 16, 2005
is another word of blender, like he or she dont belong
bro; look at her what a bluez trying to fit it with da hamos
sole; i know aye bro she should find her own crowd palagi slut..lmao
by shush` April 16, 2005
word meaning; hiding or smash bash etc.
used by the pacific young islanders in mangere
sole; eh bro i sassed that maori hoodrat yesterday
bro; oh charu *hi fives*
by shush` April 16, 2005
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