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It is a sikh name meaning light of the sages. A sage is known as a mentor in spiritual topics, they are known for their profound wisdom.
It can be a man or womans name.
It can be spelt as Mandeep or Mandip
by Sikh-gal May 02, 2009
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a very beautiful, down to earth, wise, and respectful person. can be very wise so if you have a mandeep in your life be thankful. very attractive and exotic. even though they may be a flirt they are very hard to get so step ur game up!
kevin - i need a person in my life who will make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world!

raj- oh yeh you need a mandeep in your life.
by loveyou13 December 27, 2010
A state of personality deriving from people who suffer much pain from society and may even influence themselves to change their names. These people are likely to be very intuitive, strange, and creative. Longing for a purpose, usually in the arts department.
Jim- Why does that kid always sit in class and draw really strange but meaningful stuff?

Pops- I don't know, he is so mandeep.
by JKimblnater August 05, 2011
Someone who sticks his nose into other peoples work areas because he doesn't have enough of his own crap to do.
Also likes sucking up to management.
Q: Whose pair of shoes is that hanging out of the CEOs ass?
A: Mandeep's.
Who's that guy with management crap over his nose? He's some kind of Mandeep.
by cahonis October 18, 2011
Someone who is absolutely wankered after one bottle of smirnoff ice.
You're such a mandeep, hahaha
by sarah65738827774774 October 09, 2010

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