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The process of performing a set of eccentric body motions in order to fend off ill omen
Ty: Oh man Carl she broke that mirror man that's bad luck

Carl: That's bad luck man

Ty: Man we gotta man up dawg

(man up has occured)

Carl: Broke dat Hex
by Moobycow June 28, 2009
To conduct one's self befitting of a man deserving of a fine piece of trim.
John C and Ralph M watched as a sniveling young punk cry like a school girl while watching his women knob down on another man. John C turned to Ralph M and stated: That mother fucker needs to MAN UP. Derived Mid 1970s NJ.
by questor1 August 06, 2011
To play man-to-man defense in a basketball game.
Timid Timothy pissed his pants when the coach told him that he'd have to man up against Shaq.
by Nick D May 17, 2004
Derived from the phrase "cowboy up", meaning "be tough, be strong, act like a real cowboy", which was in use in rodeo circles at least since the mid-1970's. "Man up" means, similarly, "be tough, be a man, do what a man should do." Other derivations, such as "woman up", are common.
Stop complainign and man up!
by Aab July 12, 2006
When a grown man is crying and moaning about something out of his control and someone tells him to knock it off or "man up"
Also see misspelled entry "manup".
Worker 1: Man, i hate diging ditches. Why do we have to do this all the time? This sucks. I need a break. My feet hurt. The boss hates me.
Worker 2: Quit acting like a little girl and "Man up"!
by Chadster October 24, 2003
Sticky Fingaz's song that was featured on the video game Def Jam: Fight For New York
That song is Hot New Shit.
by wcgold December 25, 2004
After a long night of high octane™ drinking.... the procces of hanging over occurs. To deposit these prodiougous feelings a beer or some other alcholic beverage is in order, to insure the release of the harmful intoxicating feeling.
After Timmy was drinking with high octane™ all night, he arose out of bed with a raging headache. To release the pain from his body he had a man up session and felt much better.
by GaryF August 09, 2006