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95% of the consumers who decorate themselves with Hot Topic brand Pre-packaged punk and related materials. Known for not bathing and dressing for excessively low temperatures at all times of the year. Favored fashion includes anything related to "The Nightmare Before Christmas", the bands "HIM, Slipknot, Insane Clown Posse, and Mushroomhead". Also, pants that were manufactured for a much larger individual, and fitted with metal restraints such as chains or straps. Apparently the message is individuality and non-conformity, though to be mallcore you must conform to nonconformity and be an individual like all the other mallcore "individuals". Sweatshirts and beanies appear to be mandatory, as well as random use of safety pins. Mallcore is not to be confused with actual goth, because goth folks appear to have jobs, and pay more money for higher end pre-packaged fasion. Apparently there is a distinction. Most mallcore kids end up mall janitors, those people that wear signs for costume shops next to the freeway, or if they follow thier dreams, one day manage a hot topic.
Mallcore kid 1: "ICP is awesome"
Mallcore kid 2: "HIM defines me"
Mallcore kid 3: "I can't like ICP or HIM anymore because you like them now. All i have is this Duran Duran CD i bought"

by vandal1138 December 09, 2007
Bands that draw their main influence from the godfathers, Korn and Deftones and mainly from the modern textbook Nirvana and grunge created with the main rules being "keep your topics personal and introspective" and "don't show any great talent with the guitar".

Nirvana are the biggest anti heavy metal band in music history. They wanted to end all metal in 1991, not just the glam stuff. Kurt Cobain said on record that metal is "dumb kid music" and that their music was a new and better product. Jonathan Davis states the same thing about Korn & so he is the musical son of Kurt. Korn are basically Nirvana with drop tuning and attempts at "heaviness" by mindless screams and growls.

The genre as a whole is geared around challenging pop music in record sales and mass popularity,something evident with bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit attacking pop artists. Heavy Metal has no interest in this as it is cult music for it's devoted fans.

As it is trying to attract mass popularity it has to stick close to the modern rock rules and they can't step too far out of that box. Don't show too much talent on the guitar,don't play riffs that are too heavy and stick to introspective "life sucks" themes.

Mallcore is boring in style and spirit. It is geared for mass consumption and the themes of the music are always introverted and depressing. For me and hordes of other metalheads and music fans of other genres it is the worst music there is. It's false "Heaviness", it's depressing and self depricating rants, it's completely uncatchy sound, irritating riffs, lack of melody or interesting guitars. One of the worst forms of music ever.
Mallcore i.e Slipknot, Spineshank, Drowing Pool, Disturbed, Korn, Otep, Sevendust..
by Ronnie James Dio October 25, 2006
A form of "music", related to alternative rock and nu-metal. It is characterized by simple structures, ugly musicians, silly lyrics and little drum kits. It has nothing to do with true heavy metal (ie. Iron Maiden, Dio, Black Sabbath...)
Slipknot, Lostprophets, Linkin Park
by Camilo November 12, 2004
an angsty , whiney pussy posing as a metalhead who listens to nu metal ( AKA poser metal ) and hangs out at malls while thinking slipknot is the most brutal deathgrind band in the entire world.
* guy punches metalhead *

metalhead : YOU LITTLE BITCH !!!!! * punches guy back *

* guy punches mallcore kid *

mallcore kid : oowww !!! why did you hit me ? what did i do to you ??! i'm gonna join a band called korn and write songs about you to express my painful feelings inside while pretending to be a hardcore metalhead and rapping over a 7 string guitar!!!
by justsomeguyonthenet April 21, 2007
Kids who wear "Goth" clothing and hang out in malls a lot, usually near a DDR machine.
Justin freakin Casey is one super mallcore kid.
by Chrissings January 16, 2005
A person who wears clothes and accessories all solely from the type of music they listen to, and are discreetly that. Mainstream punk kids and emo kids are usually mallcore.
That kid whole wardrobe is from Hot topic, hes so mallcore.
by Thomas January 03, 2004
The emo or goth children who are afraid of what people will say about them, so, they run aroung whining "don't lable me!!" Those children also buy all their clothing from Hot Topic and Zumies.
I wish the mallcores would stop whining saying, "don't label me!" It is easier to just say "I don't care". But they are afraid of what people will say of them.
by Muhahahanafawnabanana November 04, 2005