1. Inhaling a joint or spliff with one of your nostrils and exhaling with your mouth.
2. That thing Charlie Sheen did in his tweet video when he went officially crazy in 2011.
Allie: Here hit this, but do a Nose Dive.
Cassie: Holy shit, that is so crazy.
Allie: That was a huge hit too.
Cassie: Yeah I didn't realize how big it was. And now I'm super high.

"Did you see Charlie Sheen's nose dive in that video?"
by Cassomophone July 13, 2011
When you go down to sit on the toilet with your penis facing down, ready the piss and you undershoot the hole in the toilet seat and your penis plunges into the toilet seat.
Girlfriend/ Wife/ Hooker with many STD's: "Wanna have sex?"
Boyfriend/ Husband/ Pimp: "Naw i can't i just took a nose dive."
by giveittomerawdog August 18, 2010
When a guy bends over into the doggy style position and tucks his penis between his legs so that it is sticking out the back, then the other partner comes in to give him a blowjob in this position resulting in his/her nose diving into his ass every time he/she goes down his shaft.
1) This chick was such a bitch untill she nose dived me.

2) my chick nose dived me and then spent the rest of the day brown nosing me. lol
by crazyMX October 20, 2010
When you go to kiss someone and accidentally headbutt them with your nose
Guy 1 : "Dude, I was totally getting on with this girl and then...."
Guy 2 : "Then what?"
Guy 1 : "I nosedived"
Guy 2 : "Oh"
by MyTwinBrotherIs.... October 05, 2008
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