A modern form of music, influenced, but wholly separate from Heavy Metal that incorporates rap, funk, simplified song structures, and subject matter geared towards the teens and youth of America. Topics often include alienation, parental abuse, and "the pain inside." Watch for simple rhyme patterns and a general lack of innovation. The oversaturation of the market with mallcore in analogous to the takeover of glam rock in the late 80s and early 90s as record companies scrambled to make a quick profit. The roots of mallcore go back to Anthrax's "I'm the Man" as well as Faith No More's "Epic." These visible hits which fused metal and rap inadvertently caused a tidal wave. Bands such as Korn and such spinoffs soon began to take over the market with detuned and substandard products. As the style of music overtook a naive fanbase, many bands, formerly true to heavy metal, began to lean towards mallcore tendencies. These bands, such as Metallica, In Flames, and others made their sound more accessible by simplifying their work and adding aspects of electronica, whispered vocals, simple chugging riffs, and taking focus off of lead guitars. This style of music as of late has been decreasing in popularity, as record companies have opted to move on to other styles of music. Most likely the style will experience a revival in the next decade as bands realize they have no money, having spent it in their prime. Revival tours and reunions will be common, and the pain of the past will be experienced once again.
The new In Flames album will definitely be mallcore.
by Lord Worm August 16, 2003
"Metal" aimed more toward mall-going teens and more mainstream than most decent metal.
System of a down is NOT mall core. Korn's early stuff was NOT mallcore. Flyleaf IS mall core. Nirvana IS mall core.
by Attrition M1 September 30, 2009
a word making no since made up by some 13-11 year old kid!
according to them they say it's metal music played in the "MALL" calling it mallcore. It makes no sence and it's just some ol bullshit to pass around other generations of kids, making them look like retards.
by Alan Massacre April 16, 2009
A genre created by a collective group of the worlds worst social retards for use by the worlds worst social retards <aka. bogans>
<slayer666> fucking limp dick mallcore kiddies fucking pussies if tom araya saw linkin park irl he'd fucking kill them you faggot cunt faggots
<icedearth2k> fuck yeah fucking faggots fucking shit fuck shit cunt fuck
<crazn> anyone have a spare clue for these two?
by crazn April 06, 2004
kids who love hanging out at the mall aka mallrats
heather livingstons friends are so mallcore it discuts me
by mike December 07, 2003
Any Band that has a T-shirt at hot topic or is overly publicized.
No comment.
by Special K May 22, 2004
A derogatory term used by elitist asswipes to describe a style of music derived from or inspired by nu-metal, as well as other popular genres such as hip-hop.

Often, the protagonists of the term "mallcore" are fans of old-school and/or underground metal and are unable to appreciate the fact that for the younger generation, guitar solos are cliche and hackneyed. They also lack the vision to understand that complexity in music can be achieved by more than just playing the fastest and the most notes possible on any given instrument, i.e. guitar, drums... Complexity can also be found in song structure, though it is not necessary to the effectiveness of a basically good song. In fact, simplicity can be as much, if not more of a factor in effecting high quality in music as a blazing fast solo, a fact that underground metal elitists fervently deny. (see above)

"Mallcore" is also used as an adjective to describe the people who listen to "mallcore" music. These people are often younger, much the chagrin of their older counterparts (metal elitists).

There is some debate as to whether "mallcore" music is hated more for it's substance or for the fans of the genre. Some believe that they have an equal share in the blame, as often old-school metal elitists base their identity in their fanaticism of old-school and underground metal, therefore when their music and collective sense of style are shunned by the younger generation they feel insecurity about their "coolness" and the "coolness" of their music. It is a strange but probably typical duality that most elitists ignore the fact that they ridicule "mallcore kids" (a common term of derision) for finding identity in their own "mallcore" music.
1)adj. I can't believe that kid doesn't like my favorite band, Slayer. What a stupid little mallcore kid. I hate him and his clothing.

2)noun I hate mallcore. It's so catchy and easy on the ears.
by JustDanny September 27, 2006

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