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Bands- Slipknot, Korn, Limp Biscuit, Coal Chamber, etc.
Clothing- Anything with dragons, gay patches from Hot Topic, big spikey chains again from Hot Topic
Attitude- usually negative and mean spirited, most mallcore kids also have crappy facial hair.
see above
by alex June 06, 2004
75 39
The emo or goth children who are afraid of what people will say about them, so, they run aroung whining "don't lable me!!" Those children also buy all their clothing from Hot Topic and Zumies.
I wish the mallcores would stop whining saying, "don't label me!" It is easier to just say "I don't care". But they are afraid of what people will say of them.
by Muhahahanafawnabanana November 04, 2005
57 22
music, clothing trends etc (and the people who follow them) that are pre-manufactured heavily commercialized by big businesses
that kid with the slipknot t-shirt is mallcore
by Vostok March 13, 2005
48 20
A derogatory synonym for nu-metal, created as a reaction to the misuse of the word "metal" in that genre name.
He listens to Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, and other mallcore bands.
by slomberine July 14, 2008
38 15
This term refers to people (usually in high school, but sadly could be older) that sport the "hardcore" hot topic style often consisting of baggy pants with zippers/hooks/ties hanging off, eyeliner, black t-shirts with no-longer ironic catch phrases, oversized wallet chains and skittle-colored hair.
I'm too mall core for Hot Topic because all they chains they sell are way too small for me.
by Mr. Budd December 02, 2007
31 16
Mainstream rock music that is corporately controlled, and usually a cynical attempt to cash in on hit mainstream trends. The word comes from the music being played in terrible mall stores like Hot Topic. Peoples' main problem with mallcore is stupid tweens and teenagers acting like it's the hardest, most badass rock in the universe and the record labels promoting it as such. Usually, it refers to the genres of nu-metal, metalcore and post-grunge. While good bands do exist in these genres, mallcore refers, frequently, to the most grating, stereotypical and shitty examples.
by YonTroper April 24, 2010
12 7
A derogatory term used, primarily by metalheads, to describe music that is often mistakenly considered metal.

Originally the term referred to nu-metal bands, such as Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Papa Roach and Slipknot. More recently the term can be applied to screamo, emo and metalcore bands such as Bullet for my Valentine, The Used, Avenged Sevenfold and Senses Fail.

The defining feature of such bands is that they make angsty, commercially-orientated hard rock targeted at "rebellious" teenagers.
14-year-old kid with dyed-red shoulder-length hair and black skinny jeans: "I'm a metalhead, fuck the world!"

26-year-old metalhead: "Fuck off kid, you don't know shit about metal! You just listen to some bullshit mallcore. Power metal, speed metal, folk metal, black metal, death metal, thrash metal... those are all real metal genres. The shit you listen to isn't even close!"

14-year-old kid: "Jeez, man, thanks for the lecture you fucking nerd!"
by subcultures+genres May 11, 2012
5 1