The word to describe a piece of thread stuck on clothes or body, usually the thread has come loose from the article of clothing.
My new suit looked dis-shovelled with at least five maleks on the sleeve.
by Illectrik December 21, 2012
Top Definition
Another word for king or royalty;
Someone of high status, power, and fame.
Dude: "There's the malek of the country!!"
Dude 2: "Bow down!"
by scorpscorp December 13, 2008
an arabic name means "owner" someone who owns.. that's why in islam one of Allah 's names is Malek of universe..
and Malek is also the name of the angel of hell as stated in Quraan.
"he's my slave, I'm the Malek"
"Allah is the only malek of this universe for muslims"
by Malekon February 04, 2010
_sexy awesome guy whos funny and is sweet when he wants to.hes really crazy too lol.plays hard to get and doesnt know how to express he loves you....i know hell be a great kisser! if you get everything except for that ONE that you know wht it is and hell try to keep up with you! malek holloway is my baby....wish it will stay that way_
YOU:hey baby i love you
MALEK:love u too
by thelizzy April 22, 2013
Very crazy people who love to have fun but are often though of as shy...
Girl : That guy is sooo shy!

Guy : No he's not its just malek, He's crazy!
by SquareChin December 08, 2012
"Malik"/"Malec" is a guardian angel of Hell in Arabic mythology. The Dictionary quotes him as telling the wicked "that they must remain in Hell forever because 'they abhorred the truth when the truth was brought to them.'"
Malek then laid his vengence upon the escaping souls that are forever contained in hell for they have abhorred the truth when the truth was brought to them.
by Malek August 14, 2003
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