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The action of being kidnapped and murdered by a Dutchman, and then having your body disposed of, typically by being thrown to the sharks. Typically applies to young, blond females of North American origin.
"I'm flying to Amsterdam for study abroad next semester. I hope I don't get hollowayed while I'm there."
by Margeret Shadowski January 15, 2006
A holloway is where u grab somes penis and start mssaging it with your nose, in other words, its a nose job kind of
haha i heard josh gave drewski a holloway
by Ramadamadingdong2191 August 13, 2007
Word used to describe a person who reeks of fecal material, has blatant (yet undisclosed) homosexual tendancies and suffers from several mild intellectual disabilities. While they are the most disgusting creatures on God's green earth, they are harmless and can be tolerated if necessary.
Who let that Holloway in here? He smells like unholly horse shit!

That Holloway just grabbed my ass again! Fucking faggot!!!
by PissDrunk Irish July 11, 2009
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