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Makaylah's are normally crazy , short , and chubby , they also have a great sence of fashion , alot of the time they dont know what they want , they have hearts of gold but dont know how to show it , they are known for big butts , guys normally go for them and consider them "yes girls" , Makaylah's are normally pretty and have pretty blue eyes , Makaylah's are true friends and will go far to help their friends even if they have to walk , Makaylah's are considered "party animals"
Guy : damn Makaylah ! you got a big butt !
Makaylah : why thanks you .

Guy 2 : want to goto a party tonight , Makaylah ?
Makaylah : I'll be the first one there .
by Nicole Johnson December 10, 2012
A tall pretty African American girl, who's prettier than she thinks. Outgoing, Bubbly, Super Athletic, Super Outgoing, Funny, Creative, A Good Drawer, A Dancer, A Singer, Friendly, Good, An Aspiring Actress, and a Model. She loves YouTube, MagCon, and hanging with friends.
Girl 1: Hey, you're Makaylah right?
Makaylah: Yes, I am.
Girl 1: I've heard a lot about you!
Makaylah: Gosh, I hope that's a good thing!
by GeorgiaC May 21, 2014