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Overbearing mouthbreather. Delusional expert of nothing. Time waster. Incapable of doing anything himself.
Man, I can't stand that guy. He's a fucking Hoffman.
#mouthbreather #lazy #heroine #sexy #overbearing #huffman
by Hofflover01 February 06, 2015
Clever, kind, and honest.
A Hoffman is a person of with morals of the highest caliber and devilishly good looks.
"Hey do you want to hang out with Hoffman" -Chuck
"Hey you know better than to hassel the hoff" -Bill
#hoff #hoffmania #hasselhoff #hofman #hoffmann
by jack_hoffman April 30, 2012

A small ziplock of ultra-pure, ultra-rad Heroin that will kill you instantly.
Joe: Hey bro, there's a new type of Haaaairy-win on the market called "Hoffman", supposedly it's great shiz!.

Jim: Imma try it bra!.

(Later that night... **DEAD**)
#hoffman #heroin #deadly #drugs #opiates
by RedSandDuster February 05, 2014
A misunderstood individual most often hated for.his sense of humor and personality people think of him as an asshole very strict and enforces rules by the book
That hoffman is a real hard ass
#leader #drill sergeant #ruler #enforcer #stickler
by express lube August 19, 2011
A hoffman can be described as a douchebag,jackass,asshole,loser, jerks etc

They act very rude towards others and can be easily angered. They are very hot-headed so don't piss one off unless you're doing it for fun which most people do anyways. Even apologizing to a hoffman will result in the hoffman throwing a fit at you for what you've done to them.
They are very inept.

They're fun to mess with, but hoffmans will end up with no or few friends because of their behaviour which most people sorry for(not really).
Dylan: wtf, y u spill coke over my fukin pants feggit!

Peter: Dude, I'm sorry, I'll get you another coke for free as an apology

Dylan: hey fuk tht shiet man!!!1 i want 2 get myself my own coke and not 1 from u fag.

Peter: Whatever, I'm leaving , hoffman.
#hoffman #loser #douchebag #jackass #asshole #cunt
by Saanzan August 03, 2010
Noun: a person who feigns competence in any area of life but is truly inept. A one-upper and general douchebag. A hater that talks behind your back.
Bill- Man i cant believe what just happened to me i just got a raise and then...

Jason- (interrupting) thats so weird because when i got a raise last week i bought a boat.

Bill- Shut the fuck up Hoffman.

Rick- Yo Bill you should have heard what Jason said about you when you were in the bathroom.

Bill- Thats guys such a fucking Hoffman
#dick #douche #asshole #one-upper #jackass
by HUGHES TITUS October 16, 2009
tricks ass hoe, whore,slut,selfish,homewrecker, gold digger, someone who is extremely weak and indenial of there own problems.
did you see that hoffman walking around with sallys husband yesterday?
#hoe #slut #bitch #asshole #selfish #incompetant
by your worst nightmarte March 04, 2010
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