Something that is liked by a majority of people and doesn't pertain to any particular subculture. Mainstream is not a particular style of music, it has nothing to with rap, it has nothing to do with the media forcing various types of music down our throats. It's just stuff that a lot of people like. That's it.
And as for the people saying shit like "Mainstream should die"... What do you think would happen if everyone started listening to the more underground music that you like?

It would be mainstream. Faggot.
by Zer0T September 07, 2011
A person that goes with the crowd, and is in no way alternative at all.
'Look at Jess Turner, she is well mainstream'
by Jtaylor16 October 28, 2009
Something that's popular. Sure, it's trendy, sure, it's probably on MTV and popular among people-but, honestly-is it really that much of an issue if I have Lady Gaga on my Ipod? She's in there with Amanda Palmer and Porcelain and the Trams as well-am I indie enough for you?

The lot of you are being really rude. Some mainstream is good, it's not the end of the world, so stop complaining that somebody else likes Rihanna and you like The Decemberists.

Grow up.
Person A: Hey, have you heard the new release from Lady Gaga? It's pretty good. I think I"ll give her a chance!

Person B: Umm..that stuff is forced down our throats by mtv and stuff. You shouldn't listen to that. Here, I got a new album based off of a Pitchfork review, you should try it.

Person A: *listens* offense dude, but I don't like it.

Person B: *scoffs* You're just another one of the sheeple. A slave to the mainstream. You just have bad taste.
by Polygame December 31, 2010
The thing Dan has ruined with all of his status updates.
status updates are so mainstream...
by fagspacewhale March 31, 2011
A way for hipsters to describe modern music/ trends. Most commonly used my people who think that the media is ruining life.
Hipster- "I liked life before it went mainstream".
by magicalllama June 21, 2012
Some who goes trend to trend to try to fit in.
She's just to mainstream
by Tandogg December 09, 2013
basically, what's popular, like rap music in most ways.
most mainstream rap artists are entertainers, cuz they giv what the public wants, which is new ish!
by Marshall Mirzada December 04, 2003
In the opinion of morons, such as almost everyone posting on this page, mainstream is the epitomy of conformity and capitalistic exploitation tactics. To follow mainstream, in the opinion of such idiots, is to be weak and conformist.
Mainstream is marketable and appealling to the masses because it's popular and more likeable. Most "non-mainstream" artists would do anything to become mainstream.
Mainstream is frowned at by morons between the ages 14-24 due to their inability to see the wood through the trees.
by starky August 04, 2007

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