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Needless and inadvertant acts of self harm such as ironing ones cock, vacuuming ones ear
My God, the man's Mahonned himself!
by Juzza December 18, 2007
En Puerto Rico un pantalon que le queda muy appretado a una mujer/yal.

A jean that is tight on a girls ass like latex jeans,That you can see the curves on here.
Esa yal tiene un mahon bien appretado.

That girl has on an ass tight mahon. She has a fat ass.
by SYLUXSPIRE October 26, 2008
Time to restore some dignity to the name! My Mahon is the most impressive Irish brown bear ever. I have been loving him for years and will keep doing so for many many more. Mahon's are quiet, honnest and nice. I'm proud to be part of the family. I wish I'll get to master the Mahon accent at some stage!!!
I love that Mahon accent of yours!
by klkeyrette December 02, 2011
puerto rican for a phat ass on a chick
yo no se lo que tu tiene ese mahon!!??- spanish
what u got in that ass!!?
by 3l n3n3 June 11, 2008
Anything terrible and disgusting
Butthole, chode, retarded people(not meaning medically) dicks. Your face is so ugly it reminds me of a Mahon. ..Gross
by chode face 101 May 07, 2010
A person that is easily confused and unable to make a decision usually a douche bag most situations end up in a gongshow
The mahon told us we could wear the shirts until he realized that we were making fun of his dumb ass.
by UnSatisfiedMF September 30, 2005
to jog the first curve and straight of the track. you the walk the next curve. you then jog the next straight and walk the following curve. you then finish by jogging the last two straightaways and the last curve
i just ran a mahon. yipeekya
by keiko forest May 10, 2005
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