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When you take a shit on someone's chest and then give them a big bear hug, mushing it all around between you two.
I'm going to brown bear that bitch tonight.
by Bryeen S. April 01, 2008
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Affectionate term for black man. ONLY USE WHEN INVITED! As used on scrubs
JD: Hi, who's your black friend?
Nathen: Did you just call me "black"? THE CORRECT TERM IS AFRICAN-AMERICAN!!!
JD: Turk lets me call him brown bear...

JD: Hi, my African-American friend!
Turk: Call me brown bear!
by Scrubs fan June 10, 2005
Brown Bear, Hawaiian: A male, usually of Hawaiian or other Polynesian descent who's primary activities in the wild consist of:
1) Drinking
2) Smoking crystal methamphetamine
3) Crashing parties
4) Starting fights
5) Throwing rocks
6) Molesting girls

WARNING: The Hawaiian Brown Bear travels in packs of 5 to 30. Should you encounter them in their natural environment it is advisable that you vacate the area immediately unless you outnumber them and are heavily armed. Anything you say to a Haw'n Brown Bear can and probably will be construed as an insult and thus a reason to jump you at the soonest opportunity.
"Were you around when those brown bears attacked the party last night? They broke John's hand and tried to kidnap Susie!"
by ketchupandfries February 09, 2010
-a mixed person who is basically the shit. Loves to cuddle, plays drums, runs, lots of luck with the ladies, has great friends, can drink a lot, plays video games, and is in complete love with the James Bond movies.
"Hey who you hanging out with tonight?"
"Brown Bear dude, he's the shit"
by DrumFro612 December 05, 2011
being extremely intoxicated and hugging people and having deep talks in peoples ears at a high volume. Normally associated with being blackout. Common among white males.
"hey bro what did you do last night"
"No fucking idea i got so brown bear last night"
"shit...Typical Chazz"
by browncub August 20, 2011
An act of masturbating during or after defecating.
I thought James went to the toilet? What's taking him so long?!.... Must be having a Brown Bear.
by Shagwan January 12, 2011
a nice looking black girl who always has her hair done , got a donk and is just looking fresh to death.
damn, do yall see that tight ass brown bear over their she is looking good
by brownbearsforever February 27, 2011
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