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No good
dodge magnum engines are more noise than go. the most aggravating goddamn no good useless motor ever built. but its a mopar, so what do you expect.
by runn141 May 17, 2009
A special size condom which is only available for those with a larger than life penis.
Comes in many flavors.
Many originates in Germany & Philippines.
"Woah, do we need to go to Germany tonight?"
"Gosh, I love the flavors on those Magnums!"
by Bhahahaha @ life. March 05, 2009
The standard way to describe a glass bottle which holds 50.8 fluid ounces of champagne. A regular bottle of champagne holds 25.4 ounces, therefore a magnum contains the same amount as 2 regular bottles.
I was going to get a bottle of champagne but decided to get a magnum of champagne instead because more people are coming than I expected.
by z July 20, 2004
Erick Zoolander's newest look.
Can stop ninja stars.
It's magnum!
by Hans February 05, 2004
a nickname that really lame dickwads try to give themselves because they think it makes them sound cool, or they think it fools chicks into thinking that they have a big penis, when in all actuality, they probably have the tiniest choad you've ever seen.
Guy #1: Can you believe Billy wants us to call him Magnum?

Guy #2: What a little choad! That grundle troll is annoying as fuck.

Guy #1: Yeah, I know what you mean. I wonder if he asked his manager at T.G.I.Friday's if he could put "Magnum" on his name tag.
by Edsantry February 09, 2007
n. a 1980's Private Investigator who was formerly in the Navy in Da Nang. He resides in Hawaii and drives an '84 Ferrari GTO. He has an advisor who is of English descent who enjoys afternoon tea and firing off one of his restored 18th century cannons out in the yard. His primary sidearm: Model 1911 Colt .45
Magnum gets all the hotchicks even though he is easily confused for Burt Reynolds and vice versa.
by mama-say-mama-sah-ma-makusa September 17, 2003
a extra large condom tha magnum
niggah pass tha magnums
by latisko January 26, 2007