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The systematic or planned extermination of an entire group based on sex or gender.
The ultimate desire of a radical feminazi is male gendercide.
by tarelasi July 13, 2003
Originally a slur against police and used by Bob Dylan in his song Hurricane, the term has come to mean a farce or phony court trial, where generalizations are made about facts that don't exist in order to meet a predetermined outcome desired by the judge, judiciary, government, or Bar Association.
When I tried to protect the children from being molested, I found out Iowa courts are just a pig circus to make money for lawyers and to keep the feminazis happy.
by tarelasi February 01, 2005
An extortion racket whereby children are taken from fathers as an excuse to justify taking his wealth and income, with the proceeds divided between the mother and lawyers.
The difference between kidnapping and family law is that kidnappers sometimes give the children back after they get the money.
#divorce #custody #justice #injustice #kidnap #extortion #bankrupt #fatherless
by tarelasi October 09, 2007
A criminal court case involving the arrest and prosecution of one or more males when a female makes allegations that are easily proven as false.
My wife beat me on the head with a frying pan for being late but told the cops I pushed her, so as soon as I get out of the hospital I need to find a good Magnum lawyer.
#duke #lacrosse #mangum #nifong #crystal
by tarelasi January 19, 2007
A person who views or treats males in a similar way as the Nazis did Jews, ranging from advocating male-bashing to causing male gendercide.
When you get divorced, you will learn that nearly every family court judge is a feminazi.
by tarelasi July 13, 2003
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