A word for something amazing. Think of the first time you ever (willingly) had sex - that was a Magnum experience. Or the first time you ever had your favorite food. Or the first time you ever punched someone in the face. The first time you won something. All Magnum experiences.

Not a word to be taken lightly - a Magnum experience can define a persons life.

Also can be used to describe an item, or as an emotion - feeling Magnum. All are positive. In no situation is Magnum ever negative.
Oh man, Jill gave me a handy in the backseat of Jacks car last night while he was driving, and he had no clue!

Thats fucking Magnum, man.
by VikingPride February 14, 2011
a well-known cheerleading team from singapore, known for their high spirited and enthusiastic performances.
Hey, cheer up, lets see that magnum in you!
by magnumjen August 01, 2007
A criminal court case involving the arrest and prosecution of one or more males when a female makes allegations that are easily proven as false.
My wife beat me on the head with a frying pan for being late but told the cops I pushed her, so as soon as I get out of the hospital I need to find a good Magnum lawyer.
by tarelasi January 19, 2007
largest of markers used by graf writters, but mainly taggers.
that wall looks plain, pass the magnum
by *Mecka November 27, 2004
a brand of forty ounces of fine malt liquor often consumed by bums and poor college kids looking to obtain a good buzz
Me and my crew went mobbin' on some Magnums
by Buck October 19, 2003
A high caliber pistol capable of blowing someone's head clean off their neck. The most popular type of magnum is the .357, most of them are revolvers, but some magnums like the .44 are clip-fed. Other magnums like the .22 are not as powerful as the .44 or the .357, but still they have enough knockout power to kill a human with one shot if aimed at the right spot(Head, chest, neck).
You can't survive a magnum shot. Trust me.
by your daddy July 03, 2003
noun or adj.Firearms with a larger charge.

Interjection. to fire an anti radiation missile, esp. a AGM-88 HARM.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003

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