the best condoms available. The absolutely number 1 brand....for the big dick niggas....

.....also a powerful ass handgun with the excellent shock and recoil resistance, durablity, and the ability to bust a cap in someone ass that would leave a wound the size of a baseball

.....also a car....Dodge Magnum....i like the Charger betta tho....
I use a magnum when I wanna get ruff wit my bitch from the back......trojans are not good when hittin it from the back....they tend to rip....trojans are for the bitch being on top.....
by JDG89Stacks February 08, 2008
an amazing rapper that is a division of NDIA and uses hard hitting lyrics to get his thoughts through
Yo dat magnum song wuz da shyt niga...
by The Dude May 05, 2005
shocker with a thumb... figure it out for yourself.
magnums help with clitoral stimulation
by madd Jezter January 23, 2005
something you buy that doesnt even fit
eric stephens bought a magnum.
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
- n.

The largest size of latex condoms produced. Generally only used by African Americans (brothas).
Tyrese was so big, even Magnum's weren't enough to contain him.
by Mendel March 25, 2003
A person who buys condoms that are way too big for him.
Person 1: OMG Seth is such a magnum! Did you hear that he bought a box of XL condoms when he barely fits an XS.

Person 2: I know! My pinky is bigger!
by CastielWinchester67 December 30, 2015
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