a technique used to roll fat joints using 2 cigarette papers stuck together with another across the top
Matt: Roll up a magic carpet i wanna get mashed
Gerry: Way ahead of u dweeb
by tea-head June 15, 2007
Top Definition
One of the ways Indians go to work or school. Other possible ways for them to travel is to ride on their pet elephant or camel. Usually magic carpet is expensive and only the wealthy households own a magic carpet. One of the most ideal family in India has two camels for the children, 2 elephants, and magic carpet. Magic carpet is usually used when a family member is late to work/school. Also, since the magic carpet uses curry & naan as its main fuel, there is a problem with curry pollution lately in India.
Conversation of a Typical Indian Family

Son: Mom I'm going to be late to school!

Mom: Anuj, I will give you the right to use the Magic Carpet today!
by Anusman2009 October 07, 2009
A wash clothe, towel or article of clothing that used to clean up after having sexual intercourse with a women whose on her period.
Man: Ah babe, what in the fuck!! You're raggin'?

Woman: Yeah, get a magic carpet.
Man: ...a what?
Woman: Something to clean up the mess dear.
by BigDonk April 03, 2012
The action of having sexual intercourse in "doggy style" at the top of the stairs and then proceeding to lean forward on top of your partner causing him/her to slide face forward down the stairs with you on their back. Similar to riding a sled down a hill, except naked.
Last week Tyler "magic carpeted" 3 women and 1 man. He's on his way to being a cereal killer.
by Bootylix365 July 13, 2014
Inserting LSD in or around ones vaginal area, and having their partner consume it.
Susan "magic carpeted" Billy, and now he is tripping balls.
by Drewwy Ann June 17, 2006
pussy *snatch* muff* fuckhole* meat flaps*
" Her carpet was trim and tight "
by Jkap November 02, 2003
Term used to descripe the large gap between the top of the tires and the weel arches on an unmodifed car.
That suspension needs lowered, the cars floating on a magic carpet
by Da Zeg January 08, 2005
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