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To inflict punishment onto ones self, for acts, either real or percieved, in which verbal abuse is not enough.
I just locked my keys in the car, it is time to naan! <the individual who said this phrase will now launch into some form of self mutilation>
by Ephur August 16, 2007
A hot girl
1. She is full blown Naan.(random girl)
2. She is pure Naan. (someone you know)
by Scott Redfern December 01, 2008
a type of indian flat bread...most white people have them plain.
Waiter:Would u like any naans?
Cust:aye,can i get a 4 plain naans...no the spicy ones like.
by Sexystrokesgirl03 December 07, 2003
Not another. Not a nair nuttin. Out of them.
Ho you dont know naan nigga, that dress fresher than me!
-Trick Daddy, Naan.
by naannaannaan October 29, 2007
A codeword for pussy, closely linked with the good naan bread. is very helpufl when wishing to talk about pussy,poon or girls in regular conversation
Guy 1: MMM man im so keen for some naan tonight

Guy 2: Yeah boi i here its pretty easy to get around here
by Scud19 May 13, 2007