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central bookings Centre Street NYC
was sent to the Tombs for 3 days over some bullshit charge
by Jkap November 02, 2003
to dip a cigarette into a jar of liquid PCP/Dust in order to get fuck up
" Hey LaShockquah, did you hear that Rawockah fell on her muthafuckin face at the club after the bitch smoked 3 dips"
by Jkap November 02, 2003
Staten Island is the most southern point of NYC. The girls are hot, the trees are dank, the beef is real and the spots are hot...Shaolin Rep200420 ^
The only place in the world that you'll get a ticket for putting out your garbage on the wrong day- KOA 420 TA
by Jkap November 02, 2003
to run like hell !!
Pig said freeze, so i was outtie faster than a muthafucker
by Jkap November 02, 2003
pussy *snatch* muff* fuckhole* meat flaps*
" Her carpet was trim and tight "
by Jkap November 02, 2003

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