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Derived from Sanskrit, this word is used to identify a younger brother.
Where Jack and John are brothers, John being the younger one, Jack would say, "John's my Anuj."

It can also be used in slang as a greeting, "What's up my Anuj?!?"
by Desai A July 16, 2006
absolutely completely awesomely cool hottie with the sweetest lips and the cutest butt there ever was
man! i'm glad i'm not anuj, but his lovah ;-D
by mithril March 31, 2005
One of the few Hinjews on the earth who walks the walk and talks the talk.
Man, I wish I was Anuj.
by john stein January 29, 2004
One of the few Hinjews who walk the walk and talk the talk.
I wish i was anuj. Sigh*
by john stein January 29, 2004
The coolest mothaf*cka to walk da earf!
I am a loser, I wish I was anuj.
by Anuj March 05, 2005
What the fuck??? I am Anuj.... and I rock!!!
Anuj is the king of all dimensions! ;)
by Anuj February 09, 2004

An insult given to the beater by the beatee while the beatee is getting beaten up by the beater on a chilly, icy, winter night on boxing day.
"Stop physically harrasing me u Anuj!!!"
by WiseGUY January 12, 2005
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