1)a term of emphasis often added to a quality or attribute of a person to form a two part nickname
2)can also be used in the same way to describe a players tendencies in video games, usually while they hog a powerful weapon or position

other spellings: McGee, McGhee, or the very old M'Ghie
1)a)A woman has large breasts you call her "Tits Magee"
b)A man has prominent facial hair "Beards Magee"
c)A person is a Germany History buff you call him "Nazi Magee"
d) Someone is rich you call him "Money bags Magee"

2) When playing a video game someone may use many grenades ie "'Nades Magee"
by IG Joe March 19, 2008
commonly used term to decribe an airhead who both thinks they are beautifull and is not, at the same time.
"sarah was so drunk she seemed to chuck a magee"

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