she is the most crazy, amazing, flawless girl you could meaty. if you start dating a maddy, remember to wear a coconut bikini for her, even when youre a man. Maddy's love coconut bikini's on men :) no lie
"Im definately going to wear a coconut bikini tomorrow, i met a maddy"
by cute apple fan June 18, 2015
A girl who is nice, but deep down inside is a pysco killer
Watch out she is a maddy!
by Hornymchornerson January 17, 2016
-another word for "goddess".

-perfect in every way possible.

-usually a blonde, very occasionally any other color of hair.

-a maddy is very hot girl with a nice pussy that gets reall wet and a fat ass thats so round and plump it almost makes my mouth water.

-a maddy is usually kinky. if everyone doesnt already know she's kinky, then she's secretly kinky.

-most maddy's can kick ass, and everyone already knows so: so watch out !!

damn, i would love to fuck a maddy.
by #6345 September 19, 2009
A complete bitch. She's so pretty, and can be fun to be around, but even her expressions are judgmental... However, if you're in her close squad, she's the sweetest person ever, with her sarcastic insults of course.
Dude1: Have you seen the new Maddy? So hot!
Dude2: she's a bitch, man.

Dude1: just get to know her, she's a total babe.
by Tayyy1859 February 17, 2015
A fun person, able to supply a cellphone when you don't have one. Beautiful an trustworthy.

We can't leave out crazy though, who else is going to have a mother that outright answers the question "mother are we retarded?" with "yup"
And please watch out... they pee off of porches
Awww! she's a maddy! *pats on head*
by kales<3 November 28, 2011
Maddys usually have brown hair and blue eyes. Maddys are also very tall and skinny. Even though maddys are very skinny, they can eat from 5-10 slices of pizza in one sitting. Maddys fuel themselves with Starbucks. Maddys love to draw and look at dank memes. In their free time maddys usually play basketball or softball. Maddys are the best of friends because of their geek nature. They will keep your secrets. Maddys also have huge splits in the middle of their teeth. Over all, maddys are one of the best people in the whole wide world.
Wow... that girl over there is eating pizza, holding a basketball and looking up dank memes on her phone. She is also laughing so hard that spit comes out of her tooth gap. That must be a Maddy.
by FrenchHornMaster June 03, 2016
The best person on this earth. Maddys are awesome and cool. They are caring and sweet with a rocking personality! They are the best friends, once they can trust you.
Maddy is my best friend, I love her
by Percy Jackson Fan June 01, 2016
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