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The best in the world. Loved by everyone. Best hugger EVER! Fair skinned, dark hair, and skinny. Anything good you can say about someone applies here. Can make anyone laugh.
That girl is the best in the world! Duh! She is named Maddy!
by RAWRImAdinosaur! January 08, 2010
88 79
Best hugger in the WORLD!
Hey YOU give me a maddy hug!
by crazylamarama February 27, 2009
242 234
The most amazingg girl alive!
she hotter than you,
shes nice when your nice to her.
she loves starburst.
doesnt like it when people named Michael want to kill her friendds.
She is jsut super duper chill and stelller and you should love herrr forever.
"Dude, Maddy is the bestestest !"
by Your name cant be black November 23, 2008
248 241
A fun person, able to supply a cellphone when you don't have one. Beautiful an trustworthy.

We can't leave out crazy though, who else is going to have a mother that outright answers the question "mother are we retarded?" with "yup"
And please watch out... they pee off of porches
Awww! she's a maddy! *pats on head*
by kales<3 November 28, 2011
15 10
A girl the nargles regularly bother
Person 1: I keep messing up!
Person 2: You must be a Maddy today.
by loonylovegood March 10, 2010
168 163
-another word for "goddess".

-perfect in every way possible.

-usually a blonde, very occasionally any other color of hair.

-a maddy is very hot girl with a nice pussy that gets reall wet and a fat ass thats so round and plump it almost makes my mouth water.

-a maddy is usually kinky. if everyone doesnt already know she's kinky, then she's secretly kinky.

-most maddy's can kick ass, and everyone already knows so: so watch out !!

damn, i would love to fuck a maddy.
by #6345 September 19, 2009
109 107
Anyone named Maddy is obviously the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen. Any guy will instantly fall in love with Maddy because of how gorgeous and sweet she is. She's an amazing dancer and can make anyone laugh with her funny stories and jokes. She'll make your day with just her smile or laugh. She's everything any guy has ever dreamed of. A Maddy and a Tristan are perfect for each other and make an amazing couple. Anyone named Maddy is obviously the most perfect thing to ever roam the planet.
Have you seen Maddy?
Pffft yea! She's like the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
I agree!
Me too!
Let's be bestfriends!
The End
by AvocadoCat January 06, 2014
2 1