Best hugger in the WORLD!
Hey YOU give me a maddy hug!
by crazylamarama February 27, 2009
1. A girl who gives amazing hugs, has an amazing family that she LOVES.

2. Super Maddy Sex
3. Someone with amazing dimples ;D
1. Maddys my big sister, She gives me piggy back rides ;)
3. Leslie: awww look at her dimples ^_^ so cute!!
by :D LITTLE SISTER May 01, 2011
The most amazingg girl alive!
she hotter than you,
shes nice when your nice to her.
she loves starburst.
doesnt like it when people named Michael want to kill her friendds.
She is jsut super duper chill and stelller and you should love herrr forever.
"Dude, Maddy is the bestestest !"
by Your name cant be black November 23, 2008
A hot, sexy girl that has all the boys chasing her. She is popular and is super smart. She is also extremely kind and generous.
Person1: Damn! That chic is hot
Person2: Yeah that's Maddy
Person1: Sweet! She's mine!
by Unicornssssssarereal August 25, 2013
Anyone named Maddy is obviously the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen. Any guy will instantly fall in love with Maddy because of how gorgeous and sweet she is. She's an amazing dancer and can make anyone laugh with her funny stories and jokes. She'll make your day with just her smile or laugh. She's everything any guy has ever dreamed of. A Maddy and a Tristan are perfect for each other and make an amazing couple. Anyone named Maddy is obviously the most perfect thing to ever roam the planet.
Have you seen Maddy?
Pffft yea! She's like the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
I agree!
Me too!
Let's be bestfriends!
The End
by AvocadoCat January 06, 2014
Usually a brunette, gorgeous, and a amazingly smart girl. Makes everyone around her laugh. She not the girliest girl in the school but she can dress well. She has a very unique style and loves school. Her best classes are Reading and Science. If your friends with a Maddy go to her for help. She has gone through alot but still knows how to have fun.
Girl: "damn it! I wish I was a Maddy"

Boy:"So, how was the chick"
other boy:"a total Maddy!"
by shakskakdn December 24, 2014
A girl the nargles regularly bother
Person 1: I keep messing up!
Person 2: You must be a Maddy today.
by loonylovegood March 10, 2010
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