By naming your child Maddy, your saying your child will grow up into an amazing, beautiful and smart girl. She will be know as the pretty, cool, smart perfectionist. She will love the environment and animals, even if someone is ugly, she will find the beauty in them.
I wish Maddy was my friend.
Oh, that pretty girl over there must be a Maddy.
by MadMadLOL04 November 01, 2015
Maddy is fantabulous and she is also very annoying. Not the best hair, but her eyes are GORGEOUS. Total white girl, obsessed with Starbucks. Doesn't have the most amount of friends because of her annoyingness and she also ignores everyone but she's fab in her own way. Screams a lot.
Girl 1: Gosh, that girl sure screams a lot.
Girl 2: Yeah, and look at her hair, like wtf?
Girl 1: I know, but look at her stunning eyes!
Girl 2: She must be a Maddy...
by queenflowerchild188 May 01, 2015
An asshole of a sister who likes to take all you things
Geez Maddy why do you always take all my things
by My August 17, 2015
A hoe that is very sluty
Oh that Maddy
by Host13861 April 02, 2015
Maddy is a girl that is one of the sweetest and craziest girls you will probably ever meet. She can be super nice but can also be a bitch. She is a girl that likes a lot of attention and pretty much loves being the center of attention. She loves to tell stories about everything that happens to her and she also complains about her looks all the time. She is a really skinny girl with average size breast and butt. She is normally a blonde. And she is normally short. She loves to make people laugh and be friends with people and she is also very sensitive and also guys tend to fall for her easily. And lastly she can be a bit of a slut and a whore.
" omg look at maddy she is SOOOO skinny!"- random person
" yeah i know right!! but she always says she is fat!"-random person 2
by penis+vagina=fun July 19, 2011
A Mixture of Adderall and Molly. The mixture requires an Adderall 30 mg capsule, a portion of adderall is removed and replaced with Molly or MDMA. Maddy is very enjoyable because it creates a much more potent release of dopa mine.
YO, I got that Maddy. We have been up on Maddy for days. I need to get dirty with Maddy. Maddy is a bitch
by Scott from Spokane February 24, 2014
A name given to thots, hoes, and bitches.
Guy: damn man look at that girl over there
Guy 2: i think shes a maddy bro
Guy: thanks for the warning man
by thepedo5 January 27, 2015

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