An extremely hot,and an attractive girl who is perfect in every way. She has a supppppper nice asss and an amazing body.She is beautiful.Anyone that has her would be the luckiest person alive. Shes the best thing on this the planet.
I wish i knew a maddy
by are k August 04, 2011
An amazing girl. she is very kind hearted. and has the best personality. she is a strong girl who can get through anything that comes her way. she is beautiful , and the only person that doesnt see her beauty is maddy herself. she is gorgeous in every way. she has beautiful blue eyes, she is a honest and caring person who would do anything for her friends. she can Not calm herself down easily but she has the right people in her life to help guide her through life. if you ever meet a maddy dont let her go.
'that girls amazing'
'her names maddy'
by C.J10101 August 21, 2011
to get really really drunk and fuck a random person and not remember anything the next morning
girl #1:hey i think i pulled a maddy last night cuz i cant remember anything and my vagina is really sore
girl #2:wow what a hoe you need to get an abortion
by the jolly roger9 October 19, 2006
A beautiful and down to earth girl. Usually a blondie with big brown or blue eyes. She's always hyper and loves to have fun. Maddy has great friends and a good support system. She has lots of fears and people can easily bring her down. She's emotional but has the right people to help her get through drama. Maddy has great taste in music! She loves music so much. Maddy's are usual fond of dancing, so they appreciate music very much. Maddy's very theatrical. She always has her heart set on things, but when they don't work out she's crushed. She has a beautiful life, but doesn't realize just how lucky she is. She's loved by many, and the people who don't like her are jealous. Maddy sometimes wishes she was someone else because she is unsure of her beauty, but everyone else sees it. She's loud and fun, usually skinny with a great body. Doesn't have the biggest boobs or butt around, but still has nice curves and a slender figure. Maddy is a gorgeous, hot, fun, generous person over all!
Wow that girl is so much fun! I bet her name is Maddy!
by xoxobabbbiiiie June 26, 2011
an extremely amazing person! one of the best friends you can ever have. Maddy is a stunningly beautiful person, and attracts the attention of all the guys. Usually has lovely brown long hair and is regular in height. Knows everyone and is very popular. unfortunately regrets some things she has done, but is always positive about the future. She will help you whenever you are down, and give you advice. loves sport and will definately turn out to be successful. everyone loves to be around maddy because she is so funny, cool, smart, pretty and nice
oh she must be a maddy
by justlaughforpeace September 08, 2011
The best in the world. Loved by everyone. Best hugger EVER! Fair skinned, dark hair, and skinny. Anything good you can say about someone applies here. Can make anyone laugh.
That girl is the best in the world! Duh! She is named Maddy!
by RAWRImAdinosaur! January 08, 2010
A girl who is usually very outgoing and fun to be with. She acts like she doesn't care what others think but really she just wants people to like her. She's super gorgeous and has really nice teeth. Her friends mean the most to her and he familt drives her crazy but shestill loves them. She is usually bisexual and isn't afraid to make the first move. Maddy is usually a good fighter and isn't afraid of anybody. She has anger problems and is occasionally rude but if you get on her good side she's really nice and sweet. And Maddy is usually likes to party and have a good time.
"Wow, I bet her name is Maddy."

"Did you see Maddy fight that girl? She mollywhopped her!"

Girl 1 -"Maddy is such a bitch!"

Girl 2 -"Not to me, I think she's hella nice."
by whitecuntfrap August 01, 2010

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