An asshole of a sister who likes to take all you things
Geez Maddy why do you always take all my things
by My August 17, 2015
A Mixture of Adderall and Molly. The mixture requires an Adderall 30 mg capsule, a portion of adderall is removed and replaced with Molly or MDMA. Maddy is very enjoyable because it creates a much more potent release of dopa mine.
YO, I got that Maddy. We have been up on Maddy for days. I need to get dirty with Maddy. Maddy is a bitch
by Scott from Spokane February 24, 2014
A name given to thots, hoes, and bitches.
Guy: damn man look at that girl over there
Guy 2: i think shes a maddy bro
Guy: thanks for the warning man
by thepedo5 January 27, 2015
Proper Noun.
A hoe; Someone who attention whores to move up on the social ladder, but fails miserably; also someone who is somewhat hated by those who she thinks are friends; usually a figureless flat person with a distorted view of perfection.
Becky: Hey Im so cool everyone loves me
Julia: OMG shut up no one loves you. Stop being a Maddy you attention whore you are far from perfect.
by NiggaCheesin November 24, 2013
A very confusing sort of girl- she switches mind set constantly and seems to somehow get you to feel as she does. She notices others' flaws rather than their assets, and points them out to you until you feel you will never see them the same way again. She then switches her mind again around two weeks later and you find yourself doing so as well. she is a bit of an odd girl but likes to consider herself popular, rather cocky and makes a massive thing out of any thing she does. She doesn't really connect with others very well; she is not an understanding person. She will do almost anything for a little popularity and attention but it never goes down very well.
(Not to be confused with Maddie; a completely different and more agreeable person)
Girl One: Have you heard about Maddy?
Girl Two: No, what about her?
Girl One: She sucked off some guy last week...
Girl Two: SHE DIDN'T??
Girl One: Oh, she did. Bit out of the blue, huh?
Girl Two: Another attention ploy, I reckon.
by Some_randomer July 08, 2012
Very pretty, actually beautiful . Likes to just chill, but is always down for whatever . Make's friends easy . Trust's too easy . Loves her friends + family . Will ALWAYS be there for you, even if you and her are arguing . Usually has long hair . Never will she put up with someone else's crap . Usually a smoker . Only keeps a few close friends . She, would be the best (:
Maddy is the best at EVERYTHING she does (:
by BITCH . February 25, 2010
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