a young beautiful girl who loves to play sweet boys and cheat on her boyfriends, she usually is very bad at keeping it a secret ! if you are a sweet boy i would stay away from a maddy.. she is a sneaky bitch .
maddys bf: be careful don't cheat

maddy: promise i'm a new person
random boy: hey babe
maddy: (kisses random boy)
maddys bf: we're over
by SOTRUE. August 08, 2011
a unique lesbian with a fetish for wood nymphs
maddy tried to have sex with me last night. she kept calling me little nymph and shot glitter at me out of her mouth
by kdnfkvdfk March 03, 2011
Some bitch who took all the booze and bitches. Fuck.
Maddy took all the booze and bitches.
by FUCKTHATSHIT1 September 13, 2009
taking a day off for no reason at all.
leaving early.
taking a holiday when felt like it.
im doing a maddy.
im having a maddy day today
by roxiy January 07, 2008
One half of the Maddy & Dummy combination. Were the parental roles in a relationship are reversed and the dad becomes the primary career and the mum goes out and earn a living.
a "sheilas back at work quickly after her sprog"
b "yeah she's the maddy in that relationship"
by Timmy Tondall November 19, 2008
1. an ugly girl who wears too much make-up. extremely skinny. for some reason, alot of guys think she's hot when actually she needs a paper bag. she thinks she's soo cool, but most people hate her. has a reputation for being a whore. totally two-faced and thinks she is the shit. posts 9,000 pictures of herself on photobucket that all looks the same. uses the word "bestie" instead of best friend wayyyy too much.

2. a nickname for the name madison. other ways are maddie, madi, mady, maddi.

3. long story short, just a whore who you shouldn't waste your time with who is popular for no reason.
1. guy: damn, that girl is finee!
girl: what? her? oh please, she's a maddy.

2. person: what other names do you go by instead of madison?
maddy: my friends call me maddy.

3. girl 1: she's so cool, i wanna be just like her.
girl 2: yeah, right. she's a maddy.
by courtt!!! <3 December 13, 2009
An ugly demon that was found eating the insides of an emu egg on dust island. She/He is a very fugly tomato molerat-like substance, and her human excitance on earth does not effect anyone.
"omg theres maddy"
by Eklipidous June 10, 2009

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