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Friend, mate, comes from the word Marra (Geordie Slang for partner) Originally came from Oxclose Community school in Washington.
Areet Madda!

That was class that madda!

Hew madda, pass the ball!
by matty5billion April 14, 2011
Nothing, what's a madda with you?!
I saw a madda on the street the other day.

What's a madda?

Nothing, what's a madda with you? HAHAHA.

Fuck you.
by Smokey Rivers February 18, 2008
A presidential marymounter; a "shabam" one that is...
Watch out, she might just call you a fat crow
by Emily December 03, 2004
mad, madda
yuh think yuh mad? mi sey mi madda
by McH June 21, 2003