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good lookin trainers, likely to be wanted by rudeboys
"ey bedjin gimme dem creps"
by roxxor February 19, 2004
A word used by chavs to refer to trainers they think are stylish. Ironically, any trainers you see being referred to as creps are most likely hideously uncool because it means that chavs like them.
"blud just bought a some of fresh Adidas creps"

"Fuck off, chav scum"
by iamthedog February 03, 2012
Acronym - Community Renewable Electricity Project. A project designed to generate electricity from renewable energy resources, like solar (PV), wind (wind turbines/farms) and hydroelectric power. Communities operate, run, develop, initiate or fund these projects.
Government and local authorities should encourage us to CREP.

CREPPING is a great way of achieving our CO2 targets.
by DHCEP February 27, 2013
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